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My favourite plus size Taobao shops.

http://shop62306799.tw.taobao.com/ (
breaking the rule of plus size models here, but its worth noting that they go up to 5xl and do custom size)

http://queenlive.tw.taobao.com/ (mostly tights and some underwear)
http://fengyeneiyi.tw.taobao.com/ (Bra and underwear sets, some go up to 90G. I’m not sure what that is in American sizing, sorry.)

Useful link
xxl.taobao.com or
is the plus size section of taobao. xxl will take you to the second link, but its easier to remember than nvzhuang.  

I pretty much only save the links for shops that have an actual plus size model for their clothes, because its easier for me to picture how they’ll look like on me vs a skinny person modelling plus size wear.

Edit: Updated with fixed links and added another section

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